Sunday, 10 April 2016

The wolf

I see light and coldness is this life I ask myself in my head I try to stand up but my knees are too weak to support me I feel the warm embrace of a snuggle which is what I think the other Wolves call it I am quite new to this so called ‘world’ I still have a lot to learn.

6 weeks later - Being little

I can walk now, that’s a plus and my vision is less blurry and I have more fur than I did a few weeks ago but I still snuggle with my so called ‘mother’ which is a bonus to the fact that I can now walk my mother used to give me milk but now I have moved onto actual meat soon it is my turn to learn how to hunt!

1 year later -Growing up

I have been hunting for awhile now and I have discovered a new meat as well venison it is quite delicious I enjoyed being little and people still did everything for me but now since I am getting older it is getting closer to the time that I need to go all lone wolf on my family.

3 years later - Being an older wolf

I have been lone wolf for a while now and I decided on it a long time ago (5 weeks ago) I guess that I know everything that I need to know for me to be on my own I have made I small hut for me to sleep in and I can camouflage well with the snow since I have white fur

3 weeks later - The fight

Well I was in a fight between me and a mountain lion and so I made my first move and it turned out to be a pounce which ended up with me being hurt and the lion winning I guess I didn’t know how to fight but I do know how to nurture a wound.

5 weeks later - mating season

Well I was walking about the at the waterhole with a couple of my mates and I stumbled upon the most beautiful feminine wolf this season so I decided to show off and she seemed so interested so I claimed her for my own .

7 weeks later - the wolf pups

Well my little wolfette brung 3 cute and adorable wolf pups to the world and and from then I have been teaching them so many life lessons that I can’t even count the mall well they have now all grown up and moven away so it is just me and my precious lady friend.

1 year later - R.I.P

Well this year I have become weaker and sleepier and so have my wolfette so we rested our eyes and were left in peace so I decided not to wake up my life was good while it lasted it was good well if you were wondering my pups were 1 boy and 2 girls: Mia, Fiona and mukas woops Lukas hee hee

Rest in peace Alexa wolfette and Bolt wolf enjoy the peace

Enjoy the time that you get with your family and your life it is the best thing that you can have until it is gone make the right choices and stay happy this year.


Saturday, 9 April 2016

My SA trip 2016

This presentation will cover my favorite adventures that I have here in South Africa check it out whenever for a new slide i'll keep you updated read, read, read