Monday, 2 July 2018

New Book!

Image result for Cold Skin bookI have just started this book called Cold skin.
By: Steven Herrick.

The book is written in free verse. So far what I am thinking is that Steven has written about what they are thinking and what they're saying.

So far what I know about the book is that there is a murder according to the blurb and it seems to have mostly written about the father (Albert) and the son (Eddie.) 
I'm assuming that they have a tight bond with each other.
I'm only 21 pages into the book but I hope to have a full book review up soon.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Book Review!

The Book of Everything.

Author: Guus Kuijer
Genre: Historical fiction   

The version of the book that I read was translated from Dutch. He is special, He is able to picture things that others cant and he documents everything in his book (the book of everything). Its a very good book and I would definitely recommend it for children 11 yrs and up. It takes you through a period of Thomas's life that can really give you a new perspective over what has previously happened.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Ballast - Maths

Today we were introduced to the ballast problem.
A ballast is actually a weight in the bottom of a ship.
So you need the weight to be balanced to stay afloat if not then you are going to sink so what we had to do is create the same number out of the equations.
The first to boxes you multiply and it equals 10 the other three you add and it equals 10
so the boat stays afloat because it is the same ending number.

Try it out for yourself! Just take away the numbers I put in.

Friday, 15 June 2018

The Blotch problem

This week we were introduced to a new maths pickle activity called Blotch.
I found it a difficult task to complete but at least it was challenging.
I used colored pencils to fill in the squares and the aim was to accurately fill in the canvas.

if you want to try this open the link to try the activity
Here is my attempt:

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

That was Mistletoe Bay

This year I had the best camp ever!
We went to Mistletoe Bay and it was such a fun experience, the weather was great and I wanted to go back as soon as I got back home.
Every day was a different activity.
But I would always return to go to the kayaks and the water!
I hope you get the chance to go to mistletoe bay!

This week we made accompanying poems to tell you about what happened in a creative way I hope you enjoy my poem.

Monday, 25 September 2017

The Bright lights - Wearable arts

Wearable Arts 2017
Tonight is the night of us sharing what we've done for Wearable arts this year and by we I mean : Jessie, Shakanna and Wyatt they are the people that are in my group. What is wearable arts you ask well it is a project that you work on during topic time at school and you study a festival and transform that in to a dress/ costume/ head piece.

This year my group chose to study Diwali it is a Hindu festival celebrated all over the world but mainly in India. The festival is all about celebrating light over darkness (good over evil) and it is also honoring Lakshmi the goddess of fortune and prosperity, it also marks the start of the financial year in India. We chose this festival because the was many candle it seemed bright there was rangoli (dyed rice patterns) and we could tie that into the costume.

To make this we started with a plastic bag for the top and paper for the bottoms we layered each with paper-mache then paint and glitter here and there. to tie the pieces together we plaited pieces of string and looped it through some holes like a shoe lace.

I think that it went fairly well and we put in a good effort what went as expected was probably the top and the string. If I had to change anything it would probably be the style and the materials and we would have started earlier (we started a bit late.)

Friday, 30 June 2017

Eye report for writing

The past two weeks in writing we have been working on reports that have to do with parts of the body and I chose to write a report on the eye out of our three options (eye, heart or pancreas). I transferred the report from a google doc to a google slide to present it. Did you know that silver isn't a shade of blue? Read on!