Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Code web Witches Attack and Flappy Fish

Hey I created this using the website code.org/learn try it, start with Anna and Elsa and then move to the next !

This is witches attack I created it, have a go it is fun :

Have fun and comment to say if you enjoyed it !

Jessie Bye - bye

Hey I created this using the website code.org/learn try it, start with Anna and Elsa and then move to the next !

This is flappy fish and I created it it is just like flappy bird just different :

Have fun and comment to say if you enjoyed it !

Jessie Bye - bye

Monday, 29 June 2015

Code web site

A while ago our teacher showed us this website code.org/learn and ever since I have been working on completing the 4 levels and start coding them!

These are some things that I have made:

Look at how far I have got I am now on flappy code - (flappy bird coding) - which is the last level group and am on level four out of 10 some of them can be easy there are angry bird code, Anna and Elsa code, Disney infinity lab code, and last but not least flappy bird code and then you start creating your own designs and games! :


Have fun coding if you do ! code.org/learn

St John First Aid Course !

Today we had some people from St Johns to teach us first aid this is the Danger, Response, Send 4 help, Airway, Breathing, CPR guide :

1. Danger - Check for any danger before you enter the room
2. Response - Yell out to the person
3. Send 4 help - Send somebody to get help and get them to come back
4. Airway - Clear their air pipe
5. Breathing - Check that they are breathing
6. CPR - If they don't do CPR do not play around

Severe bleeding we also learnt how to attend when there is severe bleeding this is how :

1. Put pressure on the cut do not touch it
2. Then you need to wrap it up with a pressure bandage
3. Then get a triangle shaped fabric
4. you need to wrap the area with the fabric to create an elevate sling

What you call on the phone in NZ - 111, Aussie - 000, America - 911 the first question they ask you is what you need a Ambulance, police or fire truck to attend you then the most important question they ask you is the exact address of where you are at NOT YOUR HOME ADDRESS the address of exactly where you are!

Image result for st john ambulance imagesImage result for st john ambulance images

Friday, 26 June 2015

Random Friday Writing

Frosty morning

The frosty morning was freezing me like an ice burg I was freezing cold the icicle coming from each end off the goal posts the Milo slowly freezing up in my hand my frozen body getting frost bite my brother throwing snowballs at me the suns rays of light beaming through the branches of the trees and the shadows are dancing through the air I am making my Milo in the kitchen and it is freezing every second that I am making it the goal posts frozen white poles and the trees frozen without its leaves the trees on the left side are giraffes and I am falling every time that I take 1 step on the frozen Ice I am shivering while I am walking back to my bedroom.

Staring back out into the ice field that is right outside my iced up window the edges of the widows look like they are patterned chandeliers shimmering in the sunlight in the frozen morning.

Typing test

Kiwi Kids News

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Why we celebrate easter

Why we celebrate Easter 

This link go to my presentation on Why we celebrate Easter and it is also part of my main stars I hop you enjoy it!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Kiwi kids news

Next time will be 10%(10 points)

My Speech on Kenepuru sounds

Hi my Name is Jessie and this my video of my speech on Kenepuru sounds it is a place further north of the southern island we went there late last year for a family holiday! it was so much fun here is a picture of my board I am also doing speech board this year ! :

I hope you like my speech!

PS: I was really nervous!

Typing speed test

Next time I will be way better!
Bet my previous by 1 wpm

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Winter - Fantasy

Winter - Fantasy

One day while walking through a dangerously snowy pathway I slipped, fell and hit my head on a frozen rock that feels like a frozen hammer!
The next thing I knew I was in a different place filled with talking creatures I said, “where am I what are you what day is it ?” with confusion, then all the talking creatures said, “You are in wonderlania, a place filled with magical talking creatures we are called swatchematoodles and it is the 5th of prune” said all the swatchematoodles with enthusiasm “whom are you ?” “My name is Dave short for David and I come from the United States of america ”  Said Dave “why is it so so cold here it feels like i am going to get a brain freeze” “what is a brain-freeze” screeched all the swatchematoodles nearly deafening Dave “A brain freeze…” started Dave “is when your brain gets really cold and feels like it is nearly frozen!” said Dave with a loud, bold voice.

“Brrr” the swatchematoodles sounded like a vibrating phone, “you said it” said Dave trying a smile “No Brrr the Ice - skating Queen is here every - one including DAVE bow quickly!” and with that they all bowed as the Ice - skating queen approached. “who is He !!! Impostor he’s not from here imprison him !” and with that 4 huge swatchematoodles that had been standing by the Ice - skating Queen carried Dave away to a cold ice decorated Cave.


Jessie - The unstable bridge constantly shaking as it leads towards the Snow covered Ice. Reilly getting frost bite as we enter the abandoned shack. Freezing from the cold and dying from hunger not many trees nor many food. Struggling to walk, I keep on falling over. Trying to take photos but the cameras frozen and the lenze won’t adjust. Carefully trying not to slip as for the Ice isn't very strong holding. Suddenly the bridge snaps from how old it is.

Friday, 5 June 2015

KKN }:)

Quiz for 29th of May Kiwi Kids News

That isn't very kind!


Kiwi kids news

She is really good at kayaking 5 MEDALS !
Can you believe a clothing line for dogs
I will get better next time !

Typing speed test

Next time I aim to get way better!