Monday, 25 September 2017

The Bright lights - Wearable arts

Wearable Arts 2017
Tonight is the night of us sharing what we've done for Wearable arts this year and by we I mean : Jessie, Shakanna and Wyatt they are the people that are in my group. What is wearable arts you ask well it is a project that you work on during topic time at school and you study a festival and transform that in to a dress/ costume/ head piece.

This year my group chose to study Diwali it is a Hindu festival celebrated all over the world but mainly in India. The festival is all about celebrating light over darkness (good over evil) and it is also honoring Lakshmi the goddess of fortune and prosperity, it also marks the start of the financial year in India. We chose this festival because the was many candle it seemed bright there was rangoli (dyed rice patterns) and we could tie that into the costume.

To make this we started with a plastic bag for the top and paper for the bottoms we layered each with paper-mache then paint and glitter here and there. to tie the pieces together we plaited pieces of string and looped it through some holes like a shoe lace.

I think that it went fairly well and we put in a good effort what went as expected was probably the top and the string. If I had to change anything it would probably be the style and the materials and we would have started earlier (we started a bit late.)


  1. Good effort, Jessie. I love the vibrant colours!

  2. Hello Fried'l
    Thank you I tried my best to complete the item I too liked to the colors I used.
    - Jessie

  3. Hi Jessie. I loved your costume! The colours were so bright and a really good choice to showcase your festival. What were some challenges that you came up against? Is there another festival that you would be interested in learning about? Keep up the great work Jessie, your team was lucky to have you! Miss H


Thank-you for your positive, thoughtful, helpful comment.